Axios of the Sun

A Caye Caulker Belize Resort

Cancellation Policy

Relax! We are not asking you to make a "no backing out- final sale". It is simple, if you decide to cancel, and give us a weeks notice before arrival date, we will issue a complete refund. You may also change dates if available and all payments can be adjusted to fit changes.

If you have made a booking through Airbnb, VRBO, or , various rules apply to your stay. We only control, in whole, the bookings made from our web site.

The  Reservations System here is only for the Apartments and not our Eco Friendly House.

If you need to cancel your entire booking and have less then a week before arrival to do so- we charge the first night as long as we have 48 hours notice. If you have to cancel after 48 hours before arrival, you will be charged for the accommodations portion only and all cleaning fees, extra person etc will be refunded.

Make a confirmed booking and pay only 10% deposit now

I f you want to make a confirmed reservation for one of our Axios Sun Apartments, located in village center, use the booking bar below. You are required to use a credit card, but you only have to pay 10% now and that will be reduced from total due at check in.  We assure you our lowest rate here and do not charge any fees. You can still cancel up to 2 days prior to arrival and be released of all obligation. You can also modify these reservations if plans change with no fees or additional cost

Paypal Merchant is a safe and secure option

Paypal Merchant Card Service is a safe and secure way to pre pay your reservation with us.  This feature allows you to charge your stay, without passing your credit card details to us directly. You will enter the secure web site of Paypal and your charge will appear as AAE Reservations.

AAE Hotels

Our Partner in providing accommodations on Caye Caulker Belize is AAE Hotels. AAE Hotels & Hostels operate 53 properties worldwide and can be viewed at
If a deposit has been charged to your card because you used, the charge will show as "AAE Reservations"