Axios of the Sun

A Caye Caulker Belize Resort

Why Caye Caulker?

You have heard of "Belize" and it's aqua blue crystal clear waters, amazing snorkeling, picture perfect beaches...all for penny's. But, you have to do your research, Belize has 100's of little and not so little islands that together compose that "dream paradise".  Belize City is not that vision of what you think of as a tropical oasis. Caye Caulker is just what you visioned...and it will never fail you.

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The "Scene"

Caye Caulker is a smaller island, but packs it in. There is no cars causing traffic, just golf carts, bikes and a lot of foot walking. The famous "Split" where the North and South have been divided by a hurricane in the 60's, is a popular hang out. A good Raggae Bar, music and drinking in the water and on the dock is the daytime activity. Street vendors and sidewalk cafes are all a rage when the sun is out. The night lends itself to cooler breezes, bars, clubs, sport pubs- all abound. Restaurants with every type of food and vibe you can imagine have their doors wide open with ambiance awaiting. Walk and feel safe as children run around you in the streets, everyone passing a smile as they go.

Caye Caulker..The Best of Belize

From the "Split" you can lay out and people watch all day, swim in the water..splash over to the North Side. From Axios you can watch boats go bye on the sea, or bird watch and check out the exotic animals in the reserve behind the house.

Go Slow!

It's Caye Caulker's Trademark...relax while your here.